OPAF Welcomes ABC as a return Gold Sponsor for 2020

December 16, 2019 – Charlotte, NC – OPAF & The First Clinics welcomes ABC as a return Gold Level Sponsor for 2020. ABC is a founding partner of OPAF and has been a faithful supporter for 25 years.

“Since the inception of OPAF, ABC’s Board of Directors have been committed to supporting their mission and dedication to the patient community and the profession. The bringing together of all members of the allied health team continues to be a commendable achievement for professional relationships and ultimately improved outcomes. In addition, it is another excellent way to raise awareness of the O&P profession and what is possible for those with physical and mobility challenges.” according to Rachel Friddle-Johnson, CPO, ABC President.

“OPAF is most grateful for the continued trust that the ABC Board of Directors and staff have placed in the OPAF First Clinics - the work that we do for those we serve and the allied health care team members who care for them” said Robin Burton, OPAF Executive Director.