Lawall & Sons Sponsors First Clinics in PA and NJ

April 30, 2019 – Charlotte, NC – Harry J. Lawall & Sons recently hosted back to back First Clinics in Philadelphia and Princeton, NJ. The Philadelphia course, held at Moss Rehabilitation Hospital offered First Things First, a workshop on falls and recovery to area therapists, clinical practitioners and students from both physical therapy and recreational therapy, led by Chris Doerger PT, CP. Classroom education followed by a hands on lab experience where patients are taught a reverse chain method to get out of the floor.

“It was a very relatable to clinical practice and helped understanding of the multi-disciplinary team. I’m looking forward to the neds on lab to practice skills” offered a therapist on course evaluation.

The Princeton event, which was sold out for therapists registrations, offered First Stride, an introduction to gait training which covers prosthetic componentry, balance and core exercises and provides everyone with a greater understanding of the partnership that benefits the patient when members of the allied health care team work together. Therapists appreciate the clarifications on K levels, different knees and posture alignment and practical applications for correction. First Stride had community members join us for a two hour introduction to gait where therapists and patients worked together to evaluation and improve.

This is the second year in a row that Lawall has offered First Clinics for their referral sources, their patient population and their community as part of April – Limb Loss Awareness Month. They are building Team Lawall to further these efforts.