AOPA goes OPAF Gold in 2019

December 28, 2018 – Charlotte, NC – AOPA, one of the founding sister organizations in the early 1990s to OPAF & The First Clinics has doubled their support for 2019. Corporate sponsorships allow the organization to function and operate the day to day business of providing top quality introductory level adaptive recreation and education through the First Clinics.

“AOPA is honored and excited to be a Gold Level Sponsor of OPAF in 2019. Not only does OPAF provide a great service to the O&P community, but it is an exemplary organization in providing positive measures to teach and inform caregivers and professionals to improve the lives of those with physical and mobility challenges. “ Jim Weber, AOPA President.

“OPAF is an organization that keeps on giving and informing the public. AOPA is proud to be a Gold Level Sponsor as we stand in full support of their mission. Their First Clinics inspire and ready those with mobility challenges to remain active in their daily lives. ” Eve Humphreys, AOPA Executive Director.

“OPAF is moving forward with more First Clinics with clinical education credits attached for O & P professionals and therapists. Bringing together the members of the rehab team for the benefit of those we serve is the direction that the organization is headed for 2019 and beyond “ Robin Burton, OPAF Executive Director.

For more information on OPAF Corporate Sponsorship or hosting a First Clinic for your patients, your practice and your community, contact the OPAF office today.

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About OPAF: Serving as the philanthropic arm of the US orthotic and prosthetic community, the Orthotic & Prosthetic Activities Foundation (OPAF), develops, implements, partners and hosts adaptive recreational clinics for those with physical challenges. The First Clinics are recognized as leaders in adaptive recreation. Whether this is the first time a participant is trying an activity after illness, injury or episode or the first time they are ever trying, First Clinics offer top notch adaptive instruction specifically for them. Founded in 1995 to support the Paralympic Games in Atlanta, OPAF & The First Clinics have moved forward to offer introductory level adaptive recreation opportunities to everyone, not just the elite athlete. For more information on OPAF and The First Clinics, visit