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Host a Clinic

Hosting an adaptive sports event can promote your practice or organization within your community, and doing so may be easier for you than you think if you work with OPAF. Founded in 1995 to support the Paralympic Games in Atlanta, OPAF develops, implements, partners, and hosts adaptive recreational clinics for those with physical and mobility challenges.
Hosts can choose from a wide range of recreational activities as the focus of the clinic, including tennis, swimming, scuba diving, dancing, golfing, or rock climbing. The experience provides a hands-on introduction to the activity itself, taught by experienced athletes provided by OPAF, in a safe and secure environment with their peers.
OPAF also offers a clinical education component- in certain sports- for those who wish to enhance training for practitioners and therapists.
Hosts of First Clinics pay a flat fee which gives them access to all of the planning, administration, and instructor(s) for the clinic as well as all of the marketing materials.
The First Clinic is not only an incredible and empowering experience for participants and caregivers, it's also an investment in the hands-on training of practitioners and therapists.
To further discuss hosting a First Clinic, please CONTACT US.